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Fine food


Qidong hotel to follow the "dishes, delicious refinement, quality change Lim, grasp the market, guide the consumer" principle. Over the years, Qidong Hotel dishes always adhere to the "swallow anything and everything, inheritance and innovation" principle, to form a "fresh, mellow taste, us-zi delicious, authentic" style dishes.


In order to Huaiyang cuisine, Shanghai cuisine as basic cuisine, accurately grasp the catering fashion trends, and constantly introduce other cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, such as Hunan, uninterrupted adjustments dish pattern, will make Qidong hotel food can keep pace with the times, adapt to market demand, always lead the Nantong catering trend.


Qidong Binjiang Linhai, known as the "land of plenty" is known, the owner of the famous LV four fishing, seafood is rich in resources, Jiang fresh, seafood, seafood, adequate supply, perennial, fish crab fat live shrimp. "The hotel food" has become a beautiful city.


Jiangsu Province in 2004 fourth national cooking competition, obtained a golden three silver two bronze good results, participating in the "East welcome banquet" won the gold medal, and was awarded the "Jiangsu famous feast" honorary title.